Cedric The Entertainer Net Worth


Cedric the Performer, conceived Cedric Antonio Kyles, has been making crowds snicker for north of thirty years. From his initial days as a professional comic to his ongoing status as a Hollywood star, Cedric has fabricated a surprising vocation and a significant total assets. In this article, we’ll investigate cedric excursion to progress and reveal the subtleties of his assessed total assets.

Early Years and Career:

Cedric was born in Jefferson City, Missouri, on April 24, 1964, and grew up surrounded by entertainers. He began his career as a professional comedian in the latter half of the 1980s, performing in local satirical clubs before landing a slot on “Def Parody Jam.” He played the endearing and humorous Cedric Jackie Robinson on “The Steve Harvey Show,” which gave him his first break in 1994.

Accomplishments and Awards:

Cedric’s noteworthy
accomplishments include:

1- Featured in various movies, including “Barbershop,” “Johnson Family Get-away,” and “Madagascar”
2- Facilitated a few Programs, including “It’s Kickoff at the Apollo” and “Who Needs to Be a Tycoon”
3- Designated for different NAACP Picture Grants and BET Grants
4- Gotten a star on the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity (2019)

Net Worth:

Cedric the entertainer net worth is assessed to be around $25-30 million, collected through:

1- Effective film and television vocation
2- Stand-up satire visits and specials
3- Underwriting arrangements and ads
4- Creation organization, A Bird and a Bear Diversion

Monetary Achievement:

Cedric monetary achievement can be credited to his:

1- Savvy interests in land and creation organizations
2- Broadened revenue sources
3- Economical and mindful monetary administration


Cedric is additionally dedicated to offering in return, supporting associations like the Young men and Young ladies Clubs of America and the American Diabetes Affiliation.


Cedric the Performer total assets is a demonstration of his diligent effort, devotion, and outcome in media outlets. From his unassuming starting points as a professional comic to his ongoing status as a Hollywood star, cedric has constructed a wonderful vocation and a significant total assets. As he keeps on delivering, act, and make us snicker, his total assets is probably going to develop, hardening his inheritance as a genuine diversion symbol.

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